Hebrew Pods

For many, Hebrew is an integral part of Jewish identity.

While Hebrew is not a focus of our core Sunday program, we offer families the option for their children to learn Hebrew in small, highly customizable settings. Families work with teachers on the focus of the pod (prayers, vocabulary, conversational language, etc). Learners can start in a Hebrew Pod as early as 2nd grade, and you may opt-in to the experience at any point.

Our Hebrew Pod program runs in tandem with the JLC year, from September to June, with some families opting to continue their learning over the summer. Class is approximately one hour and 15 minutes long. The JLC staff will pair each student with a teacher and other students based on skill level.

In order to participate in Hebrew Pods, students must be enrolled in Core Sundays

Hebrew Pod Program Cost: 

Full year: $520

Winter start: $312

Spring start: $208