Thanks to everyone who supported the SIJCC in 2015-16 through contributions to our annual fund and fundraising events.

Our community continues to grow and thrive!

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☼ Current Board member     * Stakeholder    + Host Committee   ▲ Event Sponsor     # First time supporter

Jessica Abroms and Andrew Dickler (#)

Bianca and Ethan Adelman

Air BnB (#▲)

Arkay Foundation (#*)

Harriet and Frederick Aronow

Allison (☼) and Oliver Bajracharya (+*)

Dana Balkin and George Grandchamp

Elizabeth Bangs and Matthew Oberg

Francesca Beauman and James Bobin (*+)

Tobin Belzer and Jesse Ruskin

Berghoff & Associates (#▲)

Alice Blue and Marc Fitzerman (#+)

Claudia Borzutzky and Angel Lopez

Jacqueline Brand (#)

Jenny Brandt and Mike Roey

David Brenner

Ava Bromberg (*)

Alexandra Brooke and Joel Millner

Miriam Brown and Jonathan Cohen (*+)

Liza Buchbinder and Mickey Barda (☼#*)

Nancy and Michael Burge

Gary Burrows (#)

Jill (☼) and Aaron Burrows (*+)

Capital Group Associate Matching Gift Program (#)

Yvonne Chotzen and William Jenner

Amy Clarke (#)

Clint Lukens Realty (▲)

Tawny Featherson and Howard Cohen (#)

Rita and Paul Cohen

Julia Cole and Sonny Calderon (+)

Tracy and Aron Coleite (*+)

Heather Collins (#)

Emma Conway (+)

Sandy and Robert Corddry

Courtney + Kurt Real Estate (#▲)

Carter Covington and Sean Smith (#*)

Lyn Davis (*)

Disney ABC Television Group (#▲)

Anh Do and Eli Diner (#+)

Andrew Dugowson (#)

East West Bank (▲)

Raquel and Stephane Elfassi (#)

Malka Fenyvesi and Alexander Kroll

Shana Feste and Brian Kavanaugh Jones (#*▲)

Sarah and Michael Finn (+)

Jenna Friedenberg and Andrew Guest (#)

Anna Westfall Fricke and Jeremy Carver (*)

Virginia and Bern Frogel

Frost/Chaddock Developers, LLC (#▲)

Catherine Geanuracos and Adam Englander (☼*+)

Jennifer and Michael Ghozland (*)

Tanya Ward Goodman and David Harry Goodman (+)

Rebecca Sgan-Cohen and Christopher Gordon (#*)

Gordon & Rees LLP

Laura Gowen and Roman Sydorak (+)

Jennifer and Richard Graham (#)

Catherine Gudis and Michael Alexander (*)

Emily and David Haskell (☼*+)

Geraldine Haspel (#)

Marina and Perry Herman (#*)

Julie Hermelin (*)

Myna and Uri Herscher (*)

Joanne Hirsh

Christa Hohmann and Peter Schnaitman

Zoya and Martin Hynes (*)

Interfaith Family (#▲)

Jenny and Barry Isaacson

Julia and Tristan Jeffers (#*)

Valerie Jones (#)

Mollie Jones and Byron Shah

Piper Kamins

Katie B. Photography (#*)

Helen and Sidney Katz (*)

Judith Kaussen

Mimi Kim and John Engelke

Kirra, LLC (#▲)

Jenji Kohan and Chris Noxon (☼*+)

Karyn Kusama and Phil Hay

Los Angeles International Airport (#)

Holly and Todd Lefelt

Ariella and David Lehrer

Shelah and Jonathan Lehrer-Graiwer (#)

Meggan Lennon and Craig Wedren

Lorraine and Gregory Leskin (#)

Simon Lesmo

Rachel Lewin (☼*)

Lea and Ofer Lion (*)

Claire and Andrew Lower (#)

Rachel and Clint Lukens (*+)

Annie and Bill Macomber (*+)

Kate Mallor and Jeremy Bernstein (#)

Paula Manzanedo and Dan Schmit (#)

Joya Margolin and Dave Hoffman (*)

Deena Margolis (☼) and Andrew Cowan (*+)

Lisa Margulis and Matthew Brown

Rachel Grandin Mark

Janice and Gideon Markham (#+)

Alicia McFonough and Harvey Kaslow

Bonnie Mclean and Michael Goldstein (+)

Me Undies (#▲)

Winifred and Thomas Mertens

Alison and Joe Morse (#)

Leeba Morse and Reuben Kurs (+)

Ayana Morse and Josh Feldman (*+)

Deanna Neil (#)

Sylvia Neil and Daniel Fischel (#*)

Newman Aaronson Vanaman (#+▲)

Ana Nolan and Kevin Napoli

Noosha Niv and Burt Culver (#)

One Down Dog (#▲)

Charlie Padow (#)

Aaron Paley (#)

Tanya Peacock and Andrew Thomas (+)

Lissa Pearlman (*+)

Ellen and Gordon Pearlman (*+)

Carolina Piaz and Diego Velasco (#+)

Barbara and Robert Pressman (#)

Tali Pressman (☼) and Phillip Holmes (*+)

Laura Putney and James Feldman (#)

Beth Rabin and Steve Finkel

Meisha and Brian Rainman (*+)

Nancy Dodge Reinisch and John Reinisch (#)

Liesel Reinisch (☼) and Gary Eckwortzel (*+)

Heather Repenning

Roshan Reporter and Cliff Towne

Jessica Ritz and Henry Myers

Caroline Rocky Rousso and Brian Rousso

Ellen Rosen

Sally and Toby Rosenblatt (*)

Kerry and Jamie Rosenblatt

Liba Rubenstein and Micah Fitzerman-Blue (☼*+)

Shannon and Michael Rubenstone (#+)

Betsy and Ed Rubenstone (#)

Sarah and Robin Russin

Thelma and Eliot Samulon

Jeff Sanford (#*)

Susan Sanford and Bill Reed

Tannaz Sassooni (☼*+)

Violet and Saeed Sassooni (#)

Joanna and Theodore Shapiro (*)

Shauna Raffety Schatz and Daniel Schatz (#+)

Amanda Schweizer and Justin Halpern (#)

Linda Sevilla-Tashman and David Tashman (*)

Sheep Meadow Foundation (*)

Rivka Shokrian and Jacob Septimus (#*+)

Abigail Sider and David Shayne (*+)

Jo Shuman and Robert Vosper (#)

Aubrey and Adam Siegel (*)

Shana Weiss Silva and John Silva (*)

Leda Siskind and Lawrence Gordon

Jonathan Skurnik (#)

Sonia Slutsky and Benjamin Faulkner

Julie and Kelly Smith (#)

Jane Sobo

Michele and Barry Sohnen (+)

Jill Soloway (*+)

Michelle Stark (#)

Rabbi Keara and Jason Stein (#+)

Carly Stewart

Satya Stewart

Marcia Strauss

Peggy Tachdjian (#)

Dana Tannanbaum

Target Take Charge of Education Program (#)

The Black Cat (#)

The Walt Disney Studios (▲)

The Zeelander Foundation (*)

Joanne Tolkoff

Erin Toreno and Sascha Paladino (#)

Tracy Do Real Estate (#+)

Cody Tucker and Will Baum

United Talent Agency (▲)

Alyssa Valentine and Anselm Clinard (+)

Valerie Vanaman (*+▲)

Diana Varat (#)

Eva Vives-Cadevall and Peter Sollett (#+)

Amanda and John Walker

Dahvi Waller (☼*+)

Patricia and Richard Walter

Jessica and Robert Warpehoski (#)

Avra Warsofsky and John Brown

Michaela Watkins and Fred Kramer

Lisa Whiteman and Todd Levin (#)

Meredith and Sam Wick (+)

Casey Wilson and David Caspe (#*)

Wisecrack, Inc. (#)

Alix Madigan and David Yorkin (#)

Lisa and Elliot Zeelander

Erin Zelle and Mike Abrams (*+)


Anonymous (#) x 3

Anonymous (*+)

Anonymous (*)

Thanks to these foundations & organizations for supporting us year-round. We couldn’t do what we do without you!



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 Dana Hollister and the Paramour Estate







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