Join the Gala Host Committee!

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, SIJCC will host our annual spring gala, the party you’ve been waiting for all year, at the famous Paramour Estate. If the last few years are any indication, this year’s event is sure to be a good time for our whole community!

Youre’ invited to join SIJCC’s 2017 Gala Host Committee

As a Host Committee member, you "lend us your name" to help promote the event on materials, including the gala’s digital invitation. We’ll ask that you help to spread the word and create a buzz about the event among friends, colleagues, and family. By supporting the event you will help us reach our goal of raising more money this year than ever before in support of SIJCC’s numerous programs. (And no, we’re not asking you to stuff any envelopes!)

You are a leader in our community. Whether in the preschool, JLC, East Side Jews, Culture Lab, or our current or past board leadership, you play a key role in the growth of SIJCC, and care about the success of the center. Your early support of our event is your investment in our mission to be the center for diverse programming and cultural events on Los Angeles’ east side.

So what’s the commitment? Tickets to the event this year are $90 each. We ask Host Committee members to make a commitment of $300, which gets you two tickets to the event, your name on the invitation, and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve supported your favorite JCC with a $120 tax-deductible contribution!

This year we’re also offering a VIP Host Committee option that encourages you to bring more friends to join in the fun! The committment is $700, which includes 6 tickets and a $160 tax-deductible contribution. All other Host Committee benefits are included at this level as well.

Please let us know ASAP if you wish to join the host committee so we can add your name to the digital invitation and webpage. To join, simply email Shannon, SIJCC’s Development Manager or register online. Contact her with any questions or concerns you may have as well.

Thank you in advance for your support and for all that you make possible. We look forward to a wonderful event!


2017 Gala Host Committee 

Host Committee Chairs
Jill * & Aaron Burrows

Tracy ** & Aron Coleite 

Anh Do & Eli Diner

Rachel Barrett & Josh Kessler

Emma Jacobson-Sive & Chris Lapin 

Tannaz Sassooni * 


Host Committee
Allison * & Oliver Bajracharya

Liza Buchbinder & Mickey Barda *

Peggy Tachdjian & Christopher Batty

Dahvi Waller * & Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Melissa & Brendon Bolton-Klinger

Casey Wilson & David Caspe

Alyssa Valentine & Anselm Clinard

Deena Margolis * & Andrew Cowan

Liesel Reinisch * & Gary Eckwortzel

Catherine Geanuracos & Adam Englander * 

Jessica Baumgardner & Irad Eyal

Sonia & Benjamin Faulkner

Ayana Morse & Josh Feldman

Jill Fields, Professor of History and Coordinator, Jewish Studies Program, Fresno State

Liba Rubenstein & Micah Fitzerman-Blue *

Alisa Charoen-Phol & Jim Galasso

Summre & Joel Garber

Jenny & Duke Graham

Rachel Bien & Andy Greenwald

Jenna Friedenberg & Andrew Guest

Emily & David Haskell *

Amanda Schweizer & Justin Halpern

Emma Nesper Holm & Anders Holm

Tali Pressman * & Phillip Holmes

Julia Brownell & Tristan Jeffers

Piper Kamins

Shauna Feste & Brian Kavanaugh-Jones

Holly Schlesinger & Todd Lefelt

Laura Rabin & Benjamin Lehrer

Lorraine & Gregory Leskin

Rachel Lewin *

Lea & Ofer Lion

Claire & Andrew Lower

Rachel & Clint Lukens **

Robin & Darrin Mark

Elaine Blair & Aaron Matz

Diana Varat & Kinsey McLean

Joanna Suhl & Rich Michalowski

Jessica Ritz & Henry Alonso Myers

Liz Bangs & Matt Oberg

Amy Poncher & Nima Nourizadeh

Lissa Pearlman

Dana Plyler

Michelle Krusiec & Matthew Pope

Meisha ** & Brian Rainman

Jessica Landy Raymond & Christopher James Raymond

Lizz Wasserman & Isaac Resnikoff

Ellen** & Jeff Rosen

Shannon & Michael Rubenstone

Rivka Shokrian & Jacob Septimus

Zoe Yuzna & Paul Shier

Anna Belknap & Eric Siegel

Carter Covington & Patrick Sean Smith

Alexis Jaeger & Patrick Somerville

Rabbi Keara & Jason Stein

Sari & Barry Stricke

Sophie Buhai & Josh Sussman

Jessie & Ted Thurston-Lovett

Carolina Paiz & Diego Velasco

Amanda & Johnny Walker

Meggan Lennon & Craig Wedren

Zoe Lister-Jones & Daryl Wein

Tali & Jordan Weiss

Amy & Sly West


2017 Party Chairs
Rachel Barrett
Anh Do
Emma Jacobson-Sive


As of April 22, 2017

*current board member

** past board member