JLC Curriculum

We are dedicated to experiential learning. Every year, as we grow with our core families, we expand the scope and content of our program. Kids’ learning is currently divided into clusters, based on grade:

K-2: Holidays, Rituals, and Health
Explore the flow of the Jewish year through music, food and culture.

3-5: Jewish Mythology and Ethics
Learn basic Jewish stories and their contexts, and explore morality.

6-8: Jews Then and Now: History and Identity
Understand the span of Jewish history, current trending topics and what it means to identify as Jewish.

9-12: Teen Time and TAs
Meet to discuss teen issues and help run JLC classrooms for volunteer hours.

Essential Family Days and Special Events
A few days of the year are dedicated to all-family, and sometimes all-Center learning. We require at least one supervising family member with the child on essential family days. This usually includes the annual Tu B’Shevat hike and the Festival of Lights as well as the opening and closing JLC days. Please check the year’s schedule for full details. Essential family days enrich the child’s experiences, allowing them to learn by example, while parents have the opportunity to expand their own knowledge.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Preparation
In addition to the classroom setting, our students have to option to explore what their Bar or Bat Mitzvah might look like with a one-on-one mentor, at an additional per-lesson cost. The Bar or Bat Mitzvah will be a public culmination of the student’s chosen area of study, and will not necessarily involve a reading from the Torah. This allows our students the tools to examine their own Jewish identities in a way that is fun and self-guided. We look forward to finding creative spaces for the ceremonies, whether in back yards, public places, at the SIJCC or in collaboration with synagogues.

Download our 2016-17 B’nai Mitzvah Platter (PDF)

Hebrew Pods
If you would like further Hebrew language instruction, particularly as you approach Bar/Bat Mitzvah, you can coordinate a small pod and create your own schedule outside of JLC programming. We will pair you with a teacher. If you assemble a Hebrew pod, you will be learning independently. If you are new or don’t know anyone in the program, we can try to connect you with other interested families.

Shirim and Community Time
We are dedicated to music and group gatherings. As a part of each session, clusters will coming together to sing songs or engage in community rituals.

Shabbat Potlucks