JLC introduces variety into the learning experience while maintaining the structure of regular classrooms. While we typically meet at the SIJCC, some sessions are held in parks or alternative spaces. We begin and end every session as an entire group, and each session has time allocated for songs (Shirim) with a Song Leader. There are occasionally full family learning days, and special guests. In addition to our Core Sundays, we also offer Hebrew Pods, B’nai Mitzvah and Teen Connections. See our Menu for pricing. 

THE BRISKIT: Core Sundays, K-8

Our goal is to build a community around learning and Jewish experiences. While each class has specific aims, we want kids to associate their Jewish life with joy, education and friendship. All classes have team building exercises and games integrated into their curriculum.

Before every JLC, our teachers submit a lesson plan that involves 4 core elements: Framing, Focus (a concentrated activity), On Your Feet (a full body activity), and Take Away. Teachers create lesson plans based on their interests and skills, building from our bank of resources and former lessons.

K-2: Holidays, Rituals and Keeping Time

K – Holidays and Symbols. Though sensory projects kids explore Jewish symbols and holiday cycles.

1 - Comparative Celebrations.
Kids get their passports and learn about different Jewish traditions, holidays and cultures around the world!

2 – The Jewish Calendar. Student make a calendar of the year, learning about the lunar cycles, focusing on counting and keeping Jewish time.  

3-5: Mythology and Ethics

3 – Storytelling and Relationships. Using Genesis stories and the ancient Jewish matriarchs and patriarchs, students explore family dynamics and behavior, and how stories hold influence.

4 – Moses, Society Building and Media. Using the short animated videos from as a framework, students construct and compare ideal societies and leadership, while learning about Moses and the ancient Israelites.

5 – The Art of Ethics. A rotation of visiting artists join the 5th grade class to share their craft, and use art as a means of interacting with ethical concepts and topics in Judaism.

6-8: History, Identity and Politics

6 – Ancient and Medieval Jewish History. Using History of the Jewish People Vol. 1: Ancient Israel to 1880s America students delve into ancient Israel, the diaspora and how it relates to their modern lives.

7 – Modern Jewish History. Using History of the Jewish People Vol. 2: The Birth of Zionism to Our Time students explore the Jewish narrative from Russian in the 1880s, the Great Migration to the US, WWII and Modern Israel and how the decisions of previous generations influence their own lives and choices.

8 – Current Events and Teen Issues. Students debate and analyze news articles, current events and teen issues in a safe environment of their peers.


A part of the core Sunday experience, we have a designated song leader to greet everyone in the morning, and to teach relevant music to K-2 students and 3-5 students in 20 minute blocks.

THE FALAFEL: Hebrew Pods

A pioneer language-learning program, Hebrew pods are highly individualized, based upon the teacher and small group of 3-6 students. While some groups cover basic conversational Hebrew, others focus on liturgy and songs, or writing and reading. Click here to register for Hebrew Pods. 
*You must participate in our core Sundays in order to be involved with Hebrew pods.


Our B’nai mitzvah program is designed to both build a community of students and actualize the vision of a coming-of-age experience for each individual and family.  

The B’nai Mitzvah ritual has evolved over hundreds of years, but is relatively new for Jewish tradition and has little required by way of rules. The ceremony can involve reading from the Torah (5 Books of Moses scroll), a Haftarah (thematically supporting text from the book of Prophets), leading parts of the prayer service, or only chanting an aliyah blessing. Typically we work with the basic outline of a Shabbat service, and can expand or contract based on that template and on the themes of traditional liturgy. 

In modern times, there are endless way to celebrate this moment. Vision quest? Holiday celebration? Swimming party? Our goal is to cultivate the learning and relationships that matter, and help students gain new tools for understanding how to be a better human being through their Judaism. 

It is not necessary to have a service officiated by an ordained clergy member, such as a Rabbi. SIJCC typically pairs you with a mentor, who works with your child throughout the process to lead their culmination. However, we can connect you with an ordained officiant, or collaborate if you have a strong personal connection to a Rabbi, cantor, or chaplain. 

SIJCC encourages ceremonies for all ages, and are not confined by birthdates. Having a Bar or Bat Mitzvah after 13 is often more rewarding because of a deeper, more mature understanding of self. There are communal elements from the JLC Core Sunday Class as well as peer participation that we encourage at each ceremony.
Click here for B’nai Mitzvah Interest Form. 

* A culmination ceremony is not a requirement for our program. 

** You must be enrolled in Core Sundays in order to have a culmination through SIJCC. Hebrew pods are optional. 


We are currently in the process of dreaming and building our teen program. In the meantime, we offer a collaboration with Moving Traditions, which offers East Side teens a place to convene and discuss important issues with their peers through a Jewish lens. We also house Teen Teaching Assistants for our JLC Sundays, where your child can log volunteer hours and contribute to our growing community.