The JLC offers open enrollment on a trimester system. Enrollment for the 2018-2019 year opened on May 1, 2018. If you have questions about the enrollment process, please contact Genna Projansky at 323.663.2255 x109 or genna@sijcc.net.

2018-19 Enrollment Dates

May 1, 2018      Fall enrollment opens | Enroll Here
Jun 30, 2018      Early Bird enrollment ends
Aug 27, 2018 Fall enrollment closes
Dec 10, 2018 Winter enrollment opens | Enroll Here
Jan 3, 2019 Winter enrollment closes
Feb 5, 2019 Spring enrollment opens
Mar 5, 2019 Spring enrollment closes

By joining the JLC, you are committing to a 3-4 month term. If you would like to leave the program, you must notify the director in writing. You will be charged through the end of the term. We ask that you keep your child in the program until the term ends.