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When & Where We Meet

Classes meet at the SIJCC two Sundays each month from 9:00-11:00am. (Approximately 18 sessions per year.) There is a parking lot entrance off of Effie, and gate codes are required (provided upon enrollment). We may also meet around town in parks, people’s homes and cafes when it is appropriate to the lesson.

Our Mission

The JLC builds a foundation of knowledge on Jewish culture, humanistic values and personal identity. We are open to students in grades K-8, their families, and adult learners. We aim to reinvent rituals while exploring traditional customs, culturally manifest Jewish heritage, and build a joyful, family-oriented community in East Hollywood.

Our Approach

  • We use the Responsive Classroom model for learning, where social interaction and process are equally as important as academic learning. We encourage positive teacher language, avoid rewards systems, and establish self-rules for the classroom.
  • We are supporters of interfaith marriage, and any families of varying backgrounds who are choosing to explore Jewish heritage.
  • When discussing lifecycle events we work toward reimagining rituals for the modern family, including the open support of gay marriage and single parents.
  • While G-d is often a character in Jewish story or the center of Jewish prayers, we do not impose a theistic belief on our students. We give students options and keep ideas open, while remaining truthful to the content.
  • Stories from the Torah are taught as mythology with historical context.
  • Ethics are socially focused, rather than externally imposed. G-d is part of our intellectual discussion, but not our moral dictator. We examine how human beings benefit from morality, such as: Shalom Bayit (peace in the home), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the world), and Hachnasat orchim (Welcoming guests).
  • We believe in providing all people with accessibility to Jewish history, culture and community.

Muslim and Jewish Kids for Change 

A partnership between SIJCC and the JLC, the Islamic Center of Southern CaliforniaNewGround, People Assisting the Homeless and Big Sunday

In spring 2016, families from the JLC and the Islamic Center gathered to build relationships, learn about our different schools, and understand the imperative in both Islam and Judaism to help the homeless. The kids made cards, sandwiches and hygiene kits for more than one hundred PATH residents.