Thursday, October 17th
7:30-10:30 PM
Tickets: $15
Young Adults, ages 21+
The Courtyard at SIJCC
Come drink and dance in the Sukkah! East Side jews is throwing a party and it’s one not to be missed. As part of The In Between, a city-wide Sukkot festival powered by Nuroots, we are joining in on the unique rituals and joyful energy of Sukkot — with our own east side spin! Sukkot is all about filling the sukkah with good times and ritualized movement. We shake the lulav and etrog in six directions to draw blessings from different corners of the Earth and redirect them back outward. This Sukkot we’re running with that— drawing artists and creatives from different corners of LA, and directing their blessings and creations into a festival style party! Enjoy food and drinks from some of the east side’s best eats, including Kettle Glazed DonutsGuisadosBest Fish Taco of EnsenadaSilver Lake Wine.

Expect a night full of funky gallery strolling, live performances, tacos, drinks, and a legit dance party!