Welcome to the Jewish Learning Center

We are a community that is grounded in Jewish values and rooted in the creative hub of LA’s east side neighborhoods. The JLC strives to meet learners and families where they are Jewishly and provides participants with the tools to dig deeper into, and find meaning within, their Jewish identity. We do this through a variety of modalities. 

At JLC, We Are A Community That…

  • Believes that social interaction and process are equally important as academic learning. We encourage positive teacher language and establish self-rules for the classroom.
  •  Encourages an open environment for questioning while exploring a variety of perspectives of the Jewish tradition.
  • Creates a space where families come together to explore Jewish life. We are a community that recognizes the word family has many different meanings and are open to all families looking to engage with Jewish heritage.
  •  Learns the history of the Jewish people, and the influence that has had on our past, present, and future. 
  • Explores our Jewish culture through the arts, cooking, music, and other experiential modalities.
  • Examines Jewish ethics from a social prospective rather than the belief that they are externally imposed.
  • Values the importance our tradition places on repairing the world and social justice both within our community and the world at large.