The SIJCC is the center for Jewish education, arts, and culture on the east side of Los Angeles. Driven by the diverse minds of our community, our programs offer thoughtful, innovative and enriching insight into the world of Jewish culture and tradition.

The Higher Self: Summer Sessions

Join Rabbi Mordecai Finley to explore The Higher Self this summer, and then prepare for Higher Holidays in September. We'll gather for an hour of deep thought and talk about Judaism, spiritual psychology, and the realm of higher consciousness. No background in any of these subjects is necessary, and single-class drop-ins are welcome! For information about dates and prices, click here

Summer Lovin

Love Fest returns after a massive first year for a second shot at summer love. Join us on August 9 and 9:00 pm for cold drinks, food trucks, and a celebration of the love that exists between old friends-- or blossoms between intriguing strangers. More information and tickets are available here

Want to learn more about our preschool?  Join one of our Preschool Open Houses. Learn more about our program here.